Terms of service:

By using this service the client agrees to the contact terms listed below over their use of our service.

1. The client must pay all fees unless otherwise agreed upon. Failure to pay within 3 days will lead to a cancellation of the service

2. This service will begin immediately once it has been paid.

3. The client agrees to not use the service for any illegal purposes. This includes but is not limited too distributing malware, fraud, and spamming.

4. Renewal fees will be automatically invoiced in the clients account.

5. This agreement is automatically renewed and may only be cancelled with a written notice no later than 30 days prior to the end of term renewal date.

6. Hosting provider is not allowed to mess with or take any code or technology belonging to the client. Unless otherwise agreed upon.

7. We reserve the right of cancelling your service if it isn't used as intended. Example: Using for purposes not needed for game hosting ex using terabytes of bandwidth uploading images.


This agreement may be terminated in any of the following events

1. Failure to comply with the terms of service.

2. Bankruptcy of either party.

3. You are found to be abusing this service beyond a reasonable doubt.


This agreement is subject to change and the client is responsible for checking up on it. Failure to follow the terms of service will lead to termination of your service(s).

Cancellation and refunds:

If you wish to cancel your service. Refunds will only be provided for services cancelled within 2 days of the purchase/renewal date. Otherwise you either have the option to keep the service until the end of the billing period or immediate cancellation. If your service is terminated for abuse or breaking any of the terms listed here you will not be refunded.

Reporting abuse:

You may report abuse of our services to abuse@nasulex.net.